En 1921, Mr. Alberto J. Roemmers, a native of Lennep (Germany) residing in Buenos Aires, recognized the need to develop a pharmaceutical industry capable of serving Argentina’s demand, while providing safety and responsibility in the manufacturing of essential health care pharmaceuticals. To meet the challenge, he founded Laboratorios Roemmers, an endeavor that met fertile ground in Argentina. Noted for its sound business practices and product reliability, the company quickly earned the respect and regard of medical doctors and the community at large.
Roemmers grew steadily, following a gradual but continuous progress that began in Argentina and then expanded to other countries.

From the beginning, the company established itself as a pioneer in the manufacturing of its own specialized pharmaceuticals, which became widely accepted and appreciated.

The year 1969 represented an important milestone in the history of Roemmers with the inauguration of Laplex, its first pharmaceutical plant which positioned the group as a leader in Latin America. Roemmers leading role was later consolidated –in 1983— with the launching of Maprimed, the second manufacturer of active principles and drugs for the pharmaceutical industry. Today, Maprimed not only supplies raw materials to the Argentine pharmaceutical industry, but also exports to different regions and countries around the world, such as the United States, the European Union, Latin America, Australia, Ukraine, and Turkey, among others.

When Mr. Roemmers died in 1974, the company had already been under the firm control of his son, Alberto Werner Heinz, whose constant search for improvement and breakthroughs became a signature management style. The incorporation of modern technologies facilitated the launching of new products that kept the company at the cutting-edge of healthcare and fostered the company’s growth, positioning Roemmers as an absolute leader in the Argentine pharmaceutical market.

The Alberto J. Roemmers Foundation was created in 1975, thanks to the efforts of Mrs Candelaria Wolter de Roemmers. Directed by a scientific and academic committee, this endeavor supports basic and applied research in the field of medical sciences. Throughout its history, the foundation has distributed over a thousand grants to scientists and research groups. It has also organized numerous activities, such as symposiums and conferences, and published textbooks for medicine students.

Since the 1980s, already with Mr. Werner Heinz’s sons, Alberto, Alejandro Guillermo, and Alfredo Pablo as Directors, the Group was able to ensure Roemmers’ continuity and family management. Today, the company is undergoing a process of expansion and growth of its physical infrastructure and technological development that will guarantee Roemmers’ evolution into the medicine of the future.

Through Rofina, a company in charge of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and odontological logistics and distribution, Roemmers has not only lent its services to the Group’s companies, but also to major multinational laboratories such as Roche, Pfizer, Glaxo, SKB, Schering Plough, Aventis, Novo Nordisk, Sandoz, and Colgate Palmolive.

In 2000, after several years of planning and construction work, Roemmers launched in Argentina Roemmers Pharma, confirming once again the Group’s philosophy. Roemmers Pharma is a model pharmaceutical plant with German design and engineering, for the manufacturing of non-antibiotic solid pharmaceuticals using state-of-the-art technology only comparable to that in highly developed countries. The plant meets the highest cGMP standards and requirements established by the international pharmaceutical industry.

Throughout the years Roemmers has conquered an uncontested leading role in the pharmaceutical sector, due to the transparency of its sales and promotional policies —based on the utmost respect for health-care professionals, pharmacists and patients—, professional training of PSR teams (Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives), and its productive and logistical capacity. This has enabled the Group to create a solid economic and financial structure based on strong assets and income flow


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